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Thursday, February 16, 2006
  Fw1884 unregisters JFW and Caketalking
This is an important bit of info to have if you want to use JFW and the tascam fw1884.
I copied a portion of a message from Dancing Dots email list that pretty much says it all:
Folks. The reason your tascam fw1884 is causing jaws activation errors is
due to the fact that the fw1884 is considered to be an audio device. If you
look on Freedom Scientific's web site under their support section, there is
a Tech support notice that explains what will cause authorization to be
screwed up, and changing the sound card is one of those things. you should activate jaws with the audio device turned on
and don't turn it off. Every change will probably necessitate a
reactivation. Since this may cause issues, I would suggest emailing
and letting the product dudes there know
what is happening. This could generate a lot of support calls and I bet the
folks there wouldn't like that.
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