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Saturday, January 31, 2009

(I got an email from this gentlemen and wanted to let you all know about his service. I haven't used it yet myself as I have my own FTP computer... However, it sure seems like a great idea! his email is copied below...)

My name is Bernard Maldonado. I read your blind resources site and found your link page. I'm writing you to let you know about a blind friendly service I operate It's called Blind FileSharing and the site address is It's a site that does not use graphics or capchas and allows visually impaired people to share files in an easy to use environment. I don't advertise, so it's not a free service. However, I think it's quite inexpensive. Basically, it only costs 2 cents per file transfer. The size of the file does not matter.

  Want to make audio files of your DVD's?
If you want to get the audio from your favorite movies and TV shows or musical concerts and don't care about having video for sighted friends and family to enjoy on your iPod and/or computer, check this out: It's 100% accessible, and can even be used as a DVD player.
  New Media Player available
Copied from an email I received... Hello to all, I think some of you may be interested in the following information: We, the Mar-Dy-Team, have created a new program, a mixture between Media player and playlistgenerator. This program is called MaPlEr. We have created it, because we are not happy about the usage of Windows Mediaplayer, and, as versions grow, the usage of Winamp too. So we tried to create a program, which can play the most popular sound files, has the ability to create and modify playlists, and has such features like adjusting the pitch, without changing the tempo and vice versa, adjusting the volume of music, without changing the volume of the screenreader, and so on. The link to our homepage is: Here you can find more information about all the features, download MaPlEr and listen to an audio presentation which we did on BCT ( We would be very interested in feedback. What do you think of the program? Is it useful for you, what features would you like in future versions. And if you want to discuss with other users of MaPlEr, or just want to be informed of updates and so on, just send an empty email to o subscribe to our software mailing list. Best regards to all of you, Marco Steinebach (Germany) (Mar-dy-Team)
  New dock for iPods - the I-Tel
This is copied from an email from blind iPod guru Brian Hartgen. The I-Tel is a product designed to make your existing iPod talk. It will work with iPods which are capable of docking station connectivity since that is essentially what the I-Tel is, a docking station. The iPod sits inside the I-Tel and if you go to the Cobolt web site you can see a picture of it. The iPod Shuffle cannot be used by I-Tel because it does not have docking station connectivity but most iPods do, certainly the larger capacity devices such as the Nano or even the iPod Touch and Classic. Rather than using the wheel of the iPod to control functionality, the wheel is represented on the I-Tel by four buttons which are well defined controls. There is a fifth button in the centre to represent the centre of the wheel and two lower buttons for volume adjustment. The I-Tel is capable of speaking all menu items on the iPod, together with items such as genre, album and track titles. It uses a newly developed speech system. That is about as far as I can go on that subject because I have not seen the product. If this works, the I-Tel could be extremely beneficial for those people who want to use their iPods to listen to music purchased from the iTunes music store or other material transferred to the iPod via iTunes.
Here is yet another "accessible audio player" for the blind. The website has very little info and this is an UK product, but if you are still looking for an accessible audio player, then you might want to check it out. I have no experience with this product so have no idea about how well it works and none of my blind tech friends have even heard of it, but, I thought I would mention it. Check it out: is a website administered by Joey Stuckey of Macon, Georgia U.S.A. The purpose of this site is to provide blind computer users with important information, product reviews, resources and real-world results with regard to software usage for the blind as well as script implementation and usage for Jaws For Windows plus any other information pertinent to the blind computer user. Visit our website for more info.

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