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Monday, September 25, 2006
  Talking Piano tuners for the blind
Okay, so we all know that it is a stereo type for blind folks to tune pianos, but, I have to say that the best piano tuners I know in my home town are in fact, blind! How have the blind guys always done it? Simple, there ears! However, if you want to keep up with the advanced technology that the sighted guys have, you can with the new audio accessible Verituner 100 It is a bit pricy at about $1800, but, it is $1500 for the sited folks, so it is easily worth the extra $300 to make it accessible. Currently there is a software version of the Verituner, but it is not accessible. However, if there was enough interest, Dave Carpenter, CEO of Verituner says that they would consider working on that project. It would most likely be a scaled down version, not for pianos, but, for guitar/bass. Dave says that he feels that it would not be practical to try and get the software version for the blind to recognize all the complex graphics that are used when using the Verituner at it's full capability, but, getting the blind friendly version to work for guitar and bass seams much more possible. The software version is designed to work on PDAs, not something that the blind currently have access to, but, perhaps the blind friendly version could work off one of the many portable media players there are now available. is a website administered by Joey Stuckey of Macon, Georgia U.S.A. The purpose of this site is to provide blind computer users with important information, product reviews, resources and real-world results with regard to software usage for the blind as well as script implementation and usage for Jaws For Windows plus any other information pertinent to the blind computer user. Visit our website for more info.

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