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Sunday, April 16, 2006
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  cell phones for the blind.
Just found out about this and thought I would pass it along.
TALKS by Cingular Wireless
Ever wish you could have the screen reading capability on your wireless phone that you have on your computer? Well now you can with TALKS by Cingular Wireless—unique
speech-enabling software that essentially turns the new Nokia 6620 handset into a talking mobile phone.
The software itself is stored on a Multi Media Card (MMC) that is inserted in the phone similar to the insertion of a SIM card. Once inserted, this software
runs in the background and translates screens, keystrokes, menu selections, etc. into speech output that is audible via the handset speaker or a connected
headset, thereby making most phone functions accessible for customers with visual disabilities. This software can tell you if email or text messages have
arrived, what calls you've missed and most other key screen functions—all things that before now were only accessibility "wish list" items.
So what exactly can TALKS and the Nokia 6620 facilitate? Specifically, once activated on the Cingular Wireless network, this TALKS/ Nokia 6620 combination
will allow our customers with visual disabilities to:
List of 7 items
• Hear incoming Caller ID which allows you to be selective about the calls you answer
• Know the phone's signal and battery strength
• Write and read notes, text messages and email
• Compose and access multi-media messages (MMS)
• Add, edit and dial entries in a contact database
• Use the appointment calendar, alarm clock and other tools
• Edit the phone's profile and settings
list end
While the TALKS/Nokia 6620 combination may not be for everyone, if you currently use a screen reader, consider yourself somewhat technically savvy, and
are willing to undertake the usual new technology learning curve, this product may be exactly what you need to harness the full potential of your phone.
Check out more at: is a website administered by Joey Stuckey of Macon, Georgia U.S.A. The purpose of this site is to provide blind computer users with important information, product reviews, resources and real-world results with regard to software usage for the blind as well as script implementation and usage for Jaws For Windows plus any other information pertinent to the blind computer user. Visit our website for more info.

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